Saturday, July 30, 2011


                (Floral top from my mom/ Guess shorts/ Hermes bag from mom/ rayban shade/ Schu Flats/ Accesories from my mom)

I am finally back home, unfortunately I fell in sick, so I have been in bed all day with a bit of fever and completely sucked dry of energy... i still have two more days here in Bigbang, and i hope tomorow i'll get well:D

I really missed my family so much. And it’s good to see them again!!! No plan for going out anywhere aside from my dinner date later with my friends nish, aisha and buli!! but for now, enjoying my favorite holiday foods is essential, I advise you to do the same ;)  The fact that Ramadhan will start tomorrow ! Lol!

I invaded my mom closet and I found those cute floral top and her Hermes Bag. I think I need to stole it. My Mom is quite fashionable, (of course where else can I adapt my loves in fashion) She has soo many vintage dress inside her closet and very splurge when it comes to  accessories . *I died in Inggit!*

Btw, since I left my photographer in msu “swendy”, my sis stand as my photographer. Whatta cool photo!!   



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