Sunday, July 3, 2011


                                     AYEESHA M. DICALI

Fierce, Iconic,Consistent Scholar, Eventologist, and a Fashion lover ( like me).... just some of many beautiful statement we hear when venturing Ayeesha M. Dicali. I met her online through facebook but i haven't seen her in person and I'm looking forward to see her. My bff swendy talks soo many things about this girl, I got curios knowing her blog, interest and the secrets that makes her worth searching for. 

I am very lucky to have her interviewed (Not in person). I don't think is a secret to you all that she's one of my most favorite (from my many favorites)  blogger. I read her blog religiously and I really look up to her. She's the total package, I must say -- with beauty and brains and a great sense of style, this world is hers to rock.


1.Tell us something about yourself.

I'm Ayeesha, 22, Philippines! :-D:-D (kidding) I'm the Jane of all trade, but not really a master of anything. I value freedom. I can't shut up when I'm hyper. I looooove shawarma. I am a romantic, a masochist, because love does not exist to me if pain is not involved. I hate blending in. I hate suppression. The only persons who can hurt me are those who are important to me. I will walk on the path less taken even if it means danger. Because to live fully, is to live dangerously.

2.What do you dream of becoming?

My dream job is like that of Elizabeth Gilbert, traveler slash writer. Although I am prepped for med school, no one can ever take away the writer in me. But then again, it is not important what I will become but who I will be.. Whatever field I take, what is important is that I can contribute and perhaps be the best in that field.

3. Aside from fashion, what are the things that interest you?

Let me just enumerate because a lot of things interest me: indie films, blogging, old-school music of the 90's, poetry, traveling, getting to know other people, Romance language especially French, Middle Eastern cuisine, Islamic philosophy, politics, quiz shows, photography, soccer, NBA, Meranao culture, and contemporary literature.


1.How would you define your style?

Just one word to define it: Ayeesha. My style reflects who I am, my taste in clothes, and the mood I am currently in, my thoughts, obsessions, and inspirations. What I want to achieve is that when you look at me, you will see me and not someone else.

2.When did you first become interested in fashion?

Here's a fact: when I was younger, I dress like a boy(t-shirt plus jeans plus chucks + Jansport + skate shoes) not that I am a tomboy but because I was into the whole punk rock and skating thing. But half-way through college, I liked a boy and I wanted to look pretty and I ended up exploring and loving fashion in the process. :):)

3.Who influenced you the most and Why? (fashion-wise)

My five brothers. Growing up with boys made me love the whole idea of dressing up for comfort and the beauty of slightly disheveled look. That is why I always incorporate masculine elements into my outfits. I love mixing girly stuff with something “borrowed from the boys” like a loose statement shirt plus boyfriend jeans paired with heels. Unexpected but it works for me.

4.Who are your favorite fashion designers?

Karl Lagerfeld. He creates the most elegant and classic pieces. His influence in the fashion industry is palpable. I love Alber Elbaz of Lanvin as well. Locally, if I like Ivarluski Aseron and Mich Dolce. If only I could actually own one of their pieces soon.

5.What are your top 5 closet-must haves?

1. great fitting jeans
2. basic shirts in white, black and gray
3. well-tailored jacket/blazer/coat
4. tops and skirts in crazy prints
5. killer pair of shoes

6.What are top 5 things you can't leave your house without?

1. kikay kit (for touch-ups)
2. cellphone (self-explanatory)
3. sunnies (I wear shades even if it’s a cloudy day)
4. umbrella (because one cannot predict the weather in Marawi)
5. at lagi akong may ballpen

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