Wednesday, July 27, 2011


                ( Thrifted top/ H&M skirt/ Accessories from Nish/ Sbp Bag/ Swendy Pumps and Umbrella)
                                                    Hope everyone stays warm and safe.

                                         I love the Combination of my top and the floral skirt.
           The cute accessorize are pasalubong from Nishreen Balindong!!!! I  ♥ her soo much!!!
Sbp Bag and Swendy Pumps!! super chic!!!
                      My photographer this day!! The chic Swendy!!! i yew too girl!!!

It was Wednesdays afternoon and it was raining outside and the fog starting to make appearances, I guess the coming of BER months are nearly approaching. As we always do, if no class, vacant time, then always call for photoshoot. I invaded my box ,  (where do I put my clothes) to find something to post. Yes, exactly! I don’t have biggest wardrobe or closet inside my Room. Haha.

As you can I’m holding an umbrella, coz its drizzling. Well,If you are a blogger, you probably know how irritating it is to be deprived of precious sun light so early in the day, specially if you need to take outfit pictures.

Although we always try do our best despite the bad weather and bad lighting, right girls? :P

Anyway, If you are familiar with my style, you know that I’m a bit hypersensitive about feminine outfits, hence the floral skirt and the high pumps which are somewhat unexpected considering the rest of the outfit. It was typically unusual for me to wear this kind of outfit which very feminine. But I love how I mix and match the look. I hope more chictopian will comment on this outfit and find it very chic! Haha LoL!! Desperate Sasa!!!

And I will see you on my next post!!! 
Have great day ahead!!!

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