Sunday, July 24, 2011


So this is what I was wearing for my party last night, unfortunately as I was making my way there, a thunder storm was making its way to ayala resort hotel, getting me completely  soaking wet before I even arrived.

I came back home, pouring wet and with my party mood completely dead, but at least I got few blog shots right? :P

Soo here are some.....

                                                                         Waiting while the party ends.

                                                What’s on my bag?? I only bring my channel wallet and my phone.

                                                            Paris in her Lace halter Dress. Can you spell hotness??
                                      I styled Camille Dress, Ballerina Inspired plus Floral top = mismatch

                                    Swen looks effortless, Fresh from her class. She arrived late.
                                                 People look awesome with their outfit.  And we??? Haha.

                                                          Faha in Jeus inspired and Audry in Aladin inspired
I attended CNSM Acquaintance Party with my friends, Its good to see old and  new faces of people. The theme was COSPLAY, haha. The influence of online games, but only few who followed the rules. I love how everyone came-up into those kind of outfit. Some just wore like going to annex, some did really give their best, and some was too ugly but they still confident with their get-up.  Its indeed a great party!!! See you again everyone!!
P.S. I cant wait for august and september!!!


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