Saturday, June 4, 2011


               Super-hot House MD star Olivia Wilde says her heart is open for a new love now. She poses for June 2011 issue of Glamour Magazine and reveals her attitude to marriage and relationships.

               Rosie Huntington-Whiteley isn’t the woman to miss a chance of a lifetime. When Michael Bay offered her to try her luck she immediately agreed and soon the leading role in Transformers was hers. Rosie who looks very similar to Cameron Diaz on the cover of Complex Magazine says it wasn’t easy though.

                I have never been a fan of Alexa Chung and I sincerely consider her style is horrible. No one wants to see those boring granny dresses, unstyled hair and too comfortable and unflattering shoes she usually wears. But I expected someone would dress her well and make her pose properly for the Vogue photoshoot. No one did. That’s a pity.

               Lady Gaga isn’t an attention-seeker. She lives her life the way we see it. She says she feels dead off stage and only when performing she feels alive. And her outfits are all intended to show how she understands and uses art. So, maybe it’s time to stop criticizing her and try to see her message?

              Three-headed Lady Gaga poses in Mugler bodysuit for the cover of V Magazine Summer 2011 editorial which she has become the new columnist for. The front page does look cool!

               GLee actress Lea Michele told Cosmopolitan June 2011 everything about relationships between her co-stars. She also revealed how much she wanted to do a nose job and what her ideal evening is.


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