Tuesday, October 15, 2013


So sorry for not posting any real update lately. The past week has been really busy. If you follow me on twitter, you’ll find out that I was soo busy directing a play for our Filipino finals, and Yes after all the hardworks and long due overnight practiced. We won. We bagged all the Awards out 8 groups. Including Best Story (The Tale of Forbidden Love), Best Performance, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best supporting actress, and yours truly as the best Director. Naaaaaaks! Haha! Yeah. I was actually still rubbing my elbows until now.

So after getting all the sash and prices.  Me , Ruru and IfIf planned a sweet escape with the entire Filipino5 class.  A victory party for the success of our play. And WE HAD SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN! (Capslock para intense! Haha).

Filipino 5-Yy Family
The Organizer! Bespreen Ifah and Ruru
Bespreeen Ruru, IfIf, and AA
 Say Hi to Pedro!

 AA and Ruru, Love you both!
 My Laughtrip buddy
Hi AA, Haha!
Super love this photo!
 Tada! Tinago Falls! We met again!
 High Five
 Hi Wahid, Thank yew for taking my outfit shots! I love yew forever!

 Candid shot with my bestie Jay and Basam!
 And Lets get down to my outfit! Hahaha! I’m a little color shy, so I couldn’t take neon on full force since Im Morena (Please, Don’t laugh, I really Am) Hahaha! So I opted to wear just some pop of neon colors in my shirts and shoes with dark jeans to allow the bright color to be the true focus of the outfit.

Waaah! I already miss you guys. Like Supeeer! Insert sad face here. Huhu! See you guys soon!


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