Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Yesterday was the last day of 3Days Sale of Forever21, 50% off in some selected items. My heart broke when I saw all the items, I just want to buy them all. Gogonda!  Forever21 is a go-to place of every fashionista, bloggers and elite because of their chic fashion finds. 

  Must have Button Down!

  Aztec Prints Pants
 The mannequins are ready for summer!
Sea of shoes!
 Bling-bling on Sale!

After the loooong mall hopping and shopping (which i only got few items because I have few bucks left), Outfit shots next! 
 Laid back outfit for another day of walking, and i dont get it why I layered despite the heat. Haha!

See yew around. I'm having a blast here!! 


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