Friday, July 13, 2012

Back logs!!

 Let's go straight to the point, shall we? I am so sorry for the lack updates recently. I know, I know. I say that so often. But believe me when I say this, I dont have camera to use whenever I want to take an outfit shoots, and if there is already no one will take me. Aside from that is, I was so busy preparing other things, not in work but  lovelife maybe. Haha. Its sound so high school, Right?? But Really, Im so sorry! I 'll  make it up to you next time.

On another note, school starts on Wednesday for meeee! And I am not excited... not at all. But expect a few outfit posts here and there since we won't be wearing uniforms 'til July or August! Yeeee! That's all for now guys! I promise to take new shots of my outfit from yesterday! Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Lovely top! :-)

    We can follow each other if you like, just let me know! Here's my blog link: