Monday, April 2, 2012


 (IC Boutique leather Jacket/ Forever21 Top/ Penshopped pants and Gladiator/ Esprit Watch/ Bag Gifted)

    Trying to be bad ass in here, can you see? Iv been wearing lots of colors this past few days. Now its about time to bring out the tough rocker side of me. haha  ala Chanel. Well, to tell you honestly i don't really feel happy but mad, frustrated and hurt because of what's been happening these past days or ever since i cannot even remember. Don't expect i will write you details though, because 1. its too personal 2. it involves people that i really care about and love the most and 3. Faith won over my feelings already that's why i can say i'm better now. So let's just leave it there.

Anyway, the easiest way to look bad ass = leather jacket+ dark button down+ skinny jeans+ black bag. Right? Just Agree.

nothings coming out of my brain now. I'll better stop before i consume more useless time staring at the computer screen. 

Always take care!!!!

Hugs and Kisses,

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