Tuesday, April 17, 2012


My apologies for my long days absent. As i said to my previous post. Im having my blog-cation. So today, im giving some outfit inspiration for summer. If your still having a dilemma of what to wear with the insane heat here are some looks that will surely make you droll to the top of jealousness!

Summer is all about sweet, light and breezy material. If you attend school regularly this summer, this is the perfect outfit for you. Nautical stripe  dress plus blazer and floppy hat.
Louis Vuitton Pastel trend are still in this season.
If you want to wear something casual but still chic. Pull-out your cut-off denim  shorts plus your sexy white top then you go. Dont forget to wear oversized blazer to add some drama and ofcourse statement heels!
If you go to Work everyday and trying to wear corporate dress but feeling sick because of too much heat. Here's the answer to that. Try to mix and match your sweet and classy pieces in your closet. Just like Camille Co did, she balance between sophisticated and sweet by simply combining two different fabric.
If you want to feel comftable and cool wholeday. Sheer tops and Shorts are perfect for this season.
If you are Fashion-over-comfort person. Then try this look. I swear you'll get a lot of stares !
It never hurts to combine two different prints. Summer is all about florals, stripes, dots and abstract prints.

          So thats all for today. I hope you learn something again. If you have other questions and fashion clarification tweet me at twitter.com/@sasaabdul. 


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