Monday, April 23, 2012


                      Fashion doesn’t need to be expensive. You have to be  resourceful and creative enough to become a true blooded fashionista.  I don’t know if you are too, but i have to tell you honestly that Im addicted in shopping to a thrift store or we used to call it Ukay-ukay.  I have many reasons why i I love to shop there. First, Lack of Budget. As a student, my allowances are intended for foods , transpo and all school expenses. Mom doesn’t give me any amount for shopping.  So, I go to Ukay-ukay for cheaper  yet fashionable clothes. Second thing is the ONLY-PERSON-WHO-HAS ,  I mean You cannot see other girls wearing the same thing.  Third,  is the quality brand, you’d be surprised the amount of well-made, expensive clothing is hiding in the thrift shops, just waiting for you  to found it like Gap, Calvin Klein, and  Ralph Lauren to name a few. Ukay-ukay for me is not just about more than money. If I win a lottery I’d still shop at the thrift store. It’s about finding that amazing collectible or overlooked art print.  It’s about finding special item of clothing that can last a lifetime, something that everyone will ask you about. And when you tell them you bought it at a ukay, expect a mix response, from impressed to horrified. Indeed, One should never feel ashamed in shopping at Ukay-ukay.  There are so many reasons why we should do it. Whether it’s for you or just helping the planet earth by recycling old items. Haha!!!


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