Tuesday, March 6, 2012


(Forever21 Manila top/ Custom Made Skirt/ Thrifted clutch and shoes/ Swatch Watch)

This post is long overdue. Super backlog! As for the title, it has no connection with what I'm wearing at all. You know the moment you run out of titles then play a random song from your phones? Well, that's what I did. Besides, I love that song. It's so catchy! Haha

It's march! Oh my gosh, I can't believe it! I'm only 2 weeks away from the final verdict – if I could go on INTERN this summer. I am scared as hell and I still have tons of school stuff to work on so I can make it there, You may not know it but the pressure is killing me. Ahhhh, the smell of that  scorching summer in Manila.  Pray for me Haha *Fingers crossed*

Anyway, I won't be telling you much about my outfit. I'll let the photo speak for you. Perhaps, I love how I combine two prints. I think it’s not that bad when I tried it. That would be it. Nothing much for today. :| 


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