Friday, March 9, 2012


Photo Credit to Ayeesha
For the record, I don’t have any sort of mean or negative connotation with regards to my blog title whatsoever. Im just stating the fact, that Ayeesha is really an IT GIRL and me as the proud PROBINSYANA BLOGGER! Haha. Hey, Its not that bad huh?

Anyway, I love this girl to bits! Did you know that when I didn’t know Ayeesha personally yet I was a HUGE fan of hers? I used to visit her blog, stalk her facebook account religiously and even  followed her on Twitter ( See how die hard I am) . Now she’s a great friend of mine I’m very very Happy. She is the Truest, nicest, and sweetest person. Despite her rise to fame, she remains humble and grounded.  She continues to befriend just about everyone, and treats them with the exact same amount of respect.  She is stunning both inside and out.

And I love talking to her.... Miss you Dear =)


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