Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So here are some of the photos during our Diplomats Night.  The idea was all about Royalty but only few who followed the rules And me are one of the Rule breaker as well as my friends.

The Stage

 Me with my IR classmate/Friends. I love the fact that they all put their scarfs on!!!
 and of course, Were in one table. ah hello kimmy???
 Wacky turned okeey!!! and Look at my lips!! Haha. Anne Curtis Lang!!!
 Our Boys blockmate. They Really followed the rules. Hello Sir Dims??
 My Bff, In a  Japanese Outfit.

 Single Ladies in their Colorful Gowns.
 ... I soo love this Kaftan Dress. I wanna wear something like this!!
 Before we went home. And I wore short because I cant walked on my skirt. Ang haba Kasi.

 Watch out for another set of pictrures. byeee!!

Photo Credit:  Janah S. and Youchay


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