Sunday, November 13, 2011


IR student outing a.k.a. Jana's Birthday!!! We went to Tinago Falls to enjoyed and celebrated her big day, and that HER is JANAH SIGAYAN, one of my classmate in major and now a close friend of mine! I Swear it was the happiest trip aside from my crush was there,  we were Lol---ing all the time! No boring moments!

 The entire group or My IR classmate except those two.
 Birthday girl, Say Hi to the Camera! Haha
 ....and SASA
 ... and its Sasa Again! Haha
 The Falls in Tinago is doubt a beautiful place!

 Super tired when we arrived, imagine the 300 step!!
 Woah!!! Super love it!!!

 FHM lang ang Peg
Actually, It was my second time there! And im sure i will be coming back again and again!
Thanks Guys for day!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANAH!!!

Thanks also Ningky for the photos!!! Your such a good girl, super bait ( #inlovekasi) haha =)


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