Sunday, October 23, 2011


Plan a sweet escape with your friends. Oh, and guess what! That’s exactly what my friends and I did. We rode off to Iligan in the early hours of the day and even if we all had ideas on catching up on some sleep — That so did not happen! We ended up laughing, singing and joking around the entire ride. Our sides were hurting and heads were getting light headed but man, that didn’t stop us. I love these guys to ity bity bits and pieces, and I’d love to show you all what we did, check it out! 

 Shemot. Ningky, Sons, Aliah
 We felt awkward to each other because were not close with the boys!
 My Friends!
 Boys Boys Boys I think Im fallen!
Stolen shot while they're playing around!

I love you guys so much for making today bearable? Fun? Haha. It was a great experience all in all, despite the surprising errands. haha.


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