Friday, September 9, 2011


So I received an invitation last Thursday and asking my presence if could be their judged for an special event! Then I said YES! It was my first time to be a judged! It was kinda nervous of how people were going to welcome me there! And good thing, they were so accommodating and hospitable and I wish to go back there someday! Because I fell in love with the place and with the people!! Haha *laugh*.  When I step out to the car, everyone were waiting, And of course ALL-EYES-ON ME! I don’t know how did I handled it, one thing I can remember is, I was there to be judge not to be celebrity walking into the Ill while everyone were staring and taking me a picture!!! Yaaay! It’s good to be there and to witness that kind of event where I definitely belong! It’s good to see how everyone was engaged in Fashion!!  It’s about the awareness! Making them aware about FASHION today!

 (Polo polo/ Swendy sheer top/ zebra leggings from faye/ Thrifted botts/ customized bow tie)

Sharly , the Event Coordinator! Thanks for the invitation girl!  Its  good to see you!
Me with swen cousin, wearing the dress that I made, when I actually posted the look of my sister here then so many people wanted to borrow it! Hahaha
Joe, the host of the event
Thanks for the company!
And of course, My bff swendy! I don’t know how to thank him with the kindness she shown during my stay there! I love her family so much, I had the best convenience and I fell like I’m in a lodging house!!  I Love you swen so much!!!! I love you, I love you! 
 AndWhen I arrived I found out that my cam was dead! Sooo I just used my phone for taking pictures! Sorry for the pics!


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