Tuesday, September 6, 2011


( G-mall Jumpsuit/ Jacket from Iligan Boutique/ Hongkong brand sheer top/Thrifted boots/ Custom made necklace)

You might be curious about my new Post title? Yes! It’s all new, from Head to toe except my rayban shade!! Hahah!  Sooo I was in Iligan yesterday for some chill out with my friends and then I grab the opportunity to buy new clothes.
The Floral Jumpsuit-Iv been dying to have a new floral jumpsuit since it is the most comftable dress for me! Soo when I saw it I immediately grab and paid it!
The Leather Jacket- It was LOVE –AT FIRST-SIGHT WHEN I saw it hanging on my fave store!
The sheer- I know this is not wearable But, I just love it!
The Boots- I already know the reaction that 50% of you will have as soon as you see these boots and it will be something like this: Oh my God Sasa, why did you get those boots!? They are so ugly!...  But I just cant ignore them! With that said, I don't mean that you will see me wearing these with every single outfit, I certainly don't want to overkill them, so I will try to control myself, although I must warn, these will be positively overexposed on my blog, they deserve so!
The Necklace- its new! New custom made! haha
After that! I found out that theres nothing left on my money! And then I was shouting this line “Papaano na ako Uuwi, Wala na akong pera!”. And then my friends were just laughing at me! But im happy to purchased something new, and then at the end of the day, I can see my money on a certain investment.
Three words that I can give you as an advice: INVEST. INVEST. INVEST!

Have a great day!


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