Thursday, August 11, 2011


                  The clash of animal prints
              My firs ever botties. It’s a ♥

It’s swimming time. We opted to wear sheer top for its very comfy. I love the flow of the river and swen big boobs!

Sorry for the lack of posts in the past few days because there is no electricity.
So it was Saturday afternoon and I was getting ready to leave the cottage…
We went to Agos River for some chill-out with swen, faye and maxee. The weather was too bad and it was raining so hard but I still enjoyed the outing.
I wore this outfit to cover my entire body from soaking wit. The zebra print was given by my bff FAYE!!! I love him so much. He rely knew my style when it comes to clothes. Thanks also for the shots. I ♥ yew faye!

Btw, I’m soo excited for the Golden Anniversary of MSU. There are so many events to come and I should prepare the camera and clothes. The big event that excites me most is the Foundation ball / Gala Night, it will be a star studded night I’m sure.

Hope your having a great day guys!!!

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