Tuesday, June 28, 2011


                                                                   Fringe bag!!!

This are the last pic from this weekend with swen!!

We had so much fun and will be definitely meeting again, soon we hope.
Like the title says, this is really the start of an amazing friendship...
See you soon honey!!!
Sometimes the weather is good and sometimes the weather is bad, few times the sun finally shines and most of the time the rain pours down. But am soo happy that there is no Typhoon again, it passed away!!

Soooo, we went out and had a photoshoot with my friends blogger. Honestly, every time I don't know what to wear or my outfit is way too simple, I put this blazer on and helps me add an edge to my outfit. but i love the result. My inspiration is  EJY DEYN. FYI, she is one of my fashion icon.

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