Monday, May 23, 2011


Here are some of the things I cant go without, they are always in my bag making it really heavy to carry, but then again, aren't most girl bags really heavy? :P

                                    My bag is not FAB actually!! but i love it (though its not designer). Its a gift from couzin amrie. Product  from BENCH.
                                                  My bag is like a trash!! haha!!! Very disarrange.

                                        My trademark is wearing this..... RAYBAN SHADE!!
           Most important for me. Where all my hectic schedule were flooding on my TO-DOLIST!!
                                        My beauty kit!! (haha). I always bring REDLIPSTICK in school.
                   The cheapest stuff on my bag!! Maybe you are thinking of what is that master doing on my bag!! its supposed to be left at home. Will, i bring it always because i sometimes cant go home. I dont want to sleep while oil on my face!!! GROSS!
                                           My Perfume!! Very brandless but its smell soo GOOD!!
                                                       As a student i always bring this to take down note!!

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