Sunday, May 22, 2011


                                        THE FASHION SHOW IS ABOUT TO START!!
                                                   I love this cocktail soo much. Very unsual.
                                              I love Ruffles and the Socks are-to-die-for!!!

                                                       I love JAN GARCIA's Collection!!

          This collection were  amazing!!! First Time to showcase this kind of theme here in Pinas!!!

                                         OH my!! they really changed the Fashion world here in PINAS!!!
                                    this is sooo SASAIC!!! i just cant get over with the over TOP!!!
                                                     The Front raw are waiting for the next model!!!
                                      I will agree if this will be the future FASHION TRENDS!!

                                   BRAVO BRAVO!!!! You guys never fails to amaze me!!!

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