Monday, April 25, 2011


After  stressing weeks and long process of enroolment am soo BACK!! I relly missed my BLOG!! and i'm always missing it all the way. 

am soo happy that its HOLLYDAY again. but im stuck at home with noting to do, so i get the cam and wore my clothes and then pose!! Perfect captured. its was my 8years old cousin who stand as my photographer. he is soo good!! two thumbs-up osama!!

im soo bored at home. I read three episodes of VAMPIRE DAIRIES and i love THE SALVATORE BROTHER somuch!!! Exams are nearly approaching and maybe I will be studying so much for my lesson and am gonna miss this page again but i will try to update this if i have a time! Okeey??

Hope you’ll having a good day always!!! HAPPY SUMMER!!!


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