Tuesday, March 29, 2011


                                     Speech Choir! The last group which most of our classmate called us KAPRE         GROUP!!! we were all over height
                                             Practice Practice!!! Everyone look soo sleepy!! haha
                                              we were watching Crazy Little Thing Called Love!!
                                                         Light, Camera, Action!!!!
                                                           Xanthe Pajiji                                                    
                                                   My closest classmate among them!!!
                                   the whole class, singing our batch song "its gonna make sense!!
                            overnight really stressing me out!! it really ruined my skin and my sleep. but for the sake of grade, where i cant afford to get 5, i have to do it. No regret, my classmate in english7 was all great and true! i find them easy to deal with. I was their choreographer in Choral Singing, haha i don't why but they choose me though i don't know how to sing!! i just try my best!

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