Sunday, March 27, 2011


                 i died if i can have blackberry, i want to live with twitter and facebook!!!

         this is the new latest gadgets trends!! the same with my icoon ANNE CURTIS which was given to her by sam milby!!! can @gamgam afford to buy me this things???? uhmm.

                            am soo obsessed to this kind of shoe!! it is soo BMS!!!

                   i so love sweet foods!!!! specially cadburrry!! i died if michael will be give!!! haha

                                                          BURGER SPAGHETTI
                                 am always craving for this ..... yummy!!
                                                               FASHION MAGAZINES
                        i love reading fashion magazine which broaden my fashion sense!!! VOGUE!!!
                         i wanna go there someday!! my greatest dream is to take a photo here!!!
                      i wanna go there this summer, all day TANNING!!!! i admire BORA!!!
                                                             TOPSHOP MALL
                    if shopping is free!!! i will raid all the items in TOPSHOP!!!! i love their clothes so much!
                                                                   ZAC EFRON

                        pleaseee MARRY ME!!! i will do everything you want!!! haha. i love zac so much!!!

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