Saturday, March 26, 2011


                                            it was indeed a very long trip for us!! finally, we  arrived through creating friendship and seeking new friends. it was  a happy experienced that i will never ever forget for the rest of my life, i will treasure it and cherish it. what i miss most is our overnight at GLOBAL LINK where every one has to share one carpet and slept togeher very close, i just realized how kind you are!!! am gonna miss the kilutan and sleepover. am gonna miss the our group activity. am gonna miss the boys. am gonna miss miss aslaine am gonna mishoo you all AMBIGOUS PEEPS!!!
                                       ambigous peeps strike a pose!! Rock in ROLL jemar john, yeah for shaira!! Partyb Party for keziah, Say Cheeze for jojeth and orphia. am SINGLE for apple and I AM ANNE CURTIS
                         on our way to home. everyone was enjoying every shoot of the camera!!
                                                            ang batang si SHARBENY
                                            what am i doing alone?? haha kalurky!!
                                             special thanks to margaret for the photos!! hehe

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